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Propertan IPR- ja kiinteistöosaaminen menestyi jälleen hienosti Chambers Europe 2024 -rankkauksessa

Uusimmassa Chambers Europe 2024 -julkaisussa Propertan IPR-osaaminen huomioitiin jälleen hienosti Band 2 -kategoriassa sekä Propertan ammattilaiset Band 1 (Hanna-Maija Elo) ja Band 3 (Kukka Tommila) -kategorioissa.

“Properta Attorneys enjoys a strong reputation for its assistance with a variety of IP matters. The team remains well known for its contentious work, with particular expertise in trademark enforcement matters. The department’s lawyers regularly represent clients from the fashion, food and beverage sectors, and are also noted for their activity in copyright matters and licensing issues.”

“The team have always found solutions. Their service has always been correct and helpful.”

“Properta Attorneys are great to work with.”

“Hanna-Maija Elo is fast and very reliable. She always has an opinion and she is very effective. She is well regarded in the industry.”

“Kukka Tommila is great to work with.”

Kiinteistöjuridiikan osalta Properta huomioitiin Real Estate: Construction – Spotlight table -rankkauksessa. Propertan asianajajista Ilmo Korpelainen ja Ilkka Koivisto ovat mukana Notable Practitioners -listattuina.

“Properta Attorneys is a boutique law firm with noteworthy expertise in construction matters. It acts for developers, engineers and construction companies on a variety of mandates, with particular activity in contentious proceedings.”

“Properta can proficiently handle even the most complex cases.”

“Properta boasts a broad spectrum of expertise within its team concerning real estate and construction law.”

Katso Chambers Europe 2024 / Finland IPR-listaus kokonaisuudessaan täältä ja kiinteistöjuridiikan listaus täältä.

Hanna-Maija Elo

Osakas, asianajaja, varatuomari, tavaramerkkiasiamies

040 561 4961
Kukka Tommila

Osakas, asianajaja, tavaramerkkiasiamies

040 580 5101
Ilkka Koivisto

Osakas, asianajaja, varatuomari

050 511 4051