Real estate law

Finland’s most wide-ranging real estate law expertise is at your service


We manage the legal aspects of construction projects from start to finish – from planning and land use to real estate development and building. We help you choose the best project implementation and draft the necessary agreements. We are particularly proficient at managing contract disputes and other construction-related litigation.

Katja Firtser

Partner, Attorney-at-Law, trained on the bench

+358 50 597 6050
Ilkka Koivisto

Partner, Attorney-at-Law, trained on the bench

+358 50 511 4051

Real estate transactions

Our expertise in real estate transactions is internationally recognised, with a track record that includes assisting in arrangements for office buildings, industrial properties, logistic and commercial premises, and entire shopping centres. Our specialist services also cover property development initiatives, such as conversions of former shopping centres into residential housing and investments in new construction projects.

Ilmo Korpelainen

Partner, Attorney-at-Law, trained on the bench

+358 40 733 1018
Heidi Savia

Partner, Attorney-at-Law, trained on the bench

+358 40 503 6793

Housing law

Our services cover all legal aspects of home and real estate sales and housing companies, including liability issues of estate agents and condition surveyors. We assist housing companies in aspects of contract and company law, for example in relation to company administration, damages, litigation and extension construction projects, and we also have experience in housing law through training and drafting legal publications.

It has been a real joy to work with Properta. Service is quick, easily accessible and highly professional. We greatly appreciate also the service we have received related to our foreign operations.