Extensive dispute resolution to support your business

Risk management and liability issues

We are highly experienced professionals in legal risk management and dispute resolution. Our strong expertise has been honed in several cases of managing liability and civil claims. Our key strength is in proactively identifying potential contractual risks, liabilities and other conflicts that may affect our clients. We apply our experience and in-depth expertise to find instruments for minimising liabilities and managing associated risks. We always prioritise a risk management perspective when preparing the contracts needed by our clients.

Martina Kronström

Partner, Attorney-at-Law, trained on the bench

+358 40 703 2325
Marko Mononen

Partner, Attorney-at-Law, LL. D.

+358 40 501 7302

Legal proceedings and arbitration

We manage a very substantial annual volume of litigation involving businesses, corporations and individuals in the general and special courts, including the Market Court, the Labour Court and the administrative courts. Our Attorneys also continuously serve as representatives and tribunal members in various arbitration proceedings. Our strong expertise also covers legal liability issues related to financial and securities market offences. We represent our clients in pre-trial investigations and various precautionary measures, and in enforcement of judgements and other decisions.

Hanna-Maija Elo

Partner, Attorney-at-Law, trained on the bench, trademark attorney

+358 40 561 4961
Katja Firtser

Partner, Attorney-at-Law, trained on the bench

+358 50 597 6050

Mediation procedures

We assist our clients in conciliation negotiations, mediation procedures and other alternative dispute resolution procedures. We are experienced and capable negotiators and mediators. Properta also has several trained mediators approved by the Finnish Bar Association.

Properta handled our court case very diligently, from the early preparations to the court hearings. They always came very well prepared and never allowed the other side to take away control of the situation. I was very impressed and have since appointed Properta to work on another case.

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