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EUIPO increases support for protecting intellectual property rights – open for applications

The European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) will continue providing financial support through its SME Fund to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) this year. It is worth taking advantage of the new enhanced support that is now available if you are considering registering new trademarks, designs, or patents, expanding your current registrations, or building an IP strategy. SMEs can claim vouchers worth up to 75 per cent of the official fees for new applications.

This support has been increased and its scope has broadened to include additional class fees for new applications, making the support scheme particularly attractive this year. With no special restrictions on receiving support, virtually all small or medium-sized enterprises can benefit. Businesses that already received support in 2021 may also request it again.

The grant scheme seeks to assist exploitation of intellectual property rights by small and medium-sized enterprises established in the European Union. The SME fund is a European Commission initiative implemented by EUIPO. The programme will operate in 2022 between 10 January and 16 December.


EUIPO issues two types of vouchers, with businesses eligible for one of each type this year

Voucher 1 (EUR 1,500)

This EUR 1,500 voucher is intended for trademark and design application fees and the IP Scan service. It may be used freely by choosing the following items:

  • 90% reimbursement of fees for IP pre-diagnostic services (IP Scan)
    Properta is a partner of the Finnish Patent and Registration Office (PRH) in implementing the service. Further details available on the PRH website.
  • 75% reimbursement of official application fees for national trademark and designs (including additional class fees) at national offices within the EU
  • 75% reimbursement of official application fees for EU trademarks and designs, additional class fees, examination, registration and publication fees, and deferment of publication fees at EUIPO
  • 50% reimbursement of official basic application fees and designation fees for trademark and design applications outside the EU (e.g. international registration under the Madrid System)

Voucher 2 (EUR 750)

This EUR 750 voucher is intended for national patent application fees. It may be used as follows:

  • 50% reimbursement of official fees for national patents (application and publication fees) at national offices within the EU


Applying for support

Grant applications are filed through the EUIPO website EUIPO website.

It is important to secure the grant decision before filing new applications or ordering the IP Scan service, as support cannot be granted retrospectively. The new applications or IP Scan service orders must be filed, and the first reimbursement claimed within 4 months of receiving approval for the grant.

Further details of procedures and deadlines are set out on the PRH website.

Sassa Svahn

European trademark and design attorney

+358 44 011 1105