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EUIPO Offers Financial Support for IPR-Protection – Apply Now

European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) continues to provide financial support to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) for protecting intellectual property rights. It is worth taking advantage of  this support if you are considering registering new trademarks, designs or patents, expanding your current registrations, or building an IP strategy. This year, SMEs can claim vouchers worth up to EUR 1,500 of the official fees for new applications.

The amount of support has been increased since last year, and there are still no specific restrictions on receiving the support. Businesses that already received support in 2021 and 2022 may, too, apply again. This year, a total of EUR 20 million has been reserved for trademarks, design rights and pre-analysis services, and EUR 2.1 million for patents and EU plant variety rights. It is advisable to apply as soon as possible.

The amount of reimbursement varies based on the purpose of the support as follows:

  • max. EUR 1,000 for trademark and design applications
    • 75 % reimbursement of official application fees for national or EU trademark and designs
    • 50 % reimbursement of official basic application fees for trademark and design applications outside the EU
  • IPR pre-diagnostic services (IP Scan) EUR 1,350
    • 90 % reimbursement from the standard price EUR 1,500
  • official fees for national patents and novelty examinations conducted by national offices max. EUR 1,500
    • (according to the latest reports not to be opened for application until March)
  • application fees for EU plant variety rights: EUR 225
    • (according to the latest reports not to be opened for application until March)

The SME Fund aims to support small and medium-sized enterprises established within the European Union in utilizing their intellectual property rights and copyrights. The SME Fund is an initiative of the European Commission managed by the EUIPO. The programme will run from 23 January to 8 December 2023.  


Grant applications are filed through the EUIPO website EUIPO website.

It is important to secure the grant decision before filing new applications or ordering the IP Scan service, as support cannot be granted retrospectively. The new applications or IP Scan service orders must be filed, and the first reimbursement claimed within 2 months of receiving approval for the grant.

Further information is also available on the PRH website.


Sassa Svahn, European trademark and design attorney

Sassa Svahn

European trademark and design attorney

+358 44 011 1105